Sexting Stories

Happy (Ending) - Halloween sexting story

Scene: two grad student acquaintances —her dressed as a ballerina, he as a magician— run into one another at a Halloween party. They’re intrigued by one another for the first time ever, and exchange numbers. Later that night…

Magician: You up?

Ballerina: That's funny.

M: What's funny?

B: Not "u up". You use punctuation. Capitalization. Classy.

M: lol i prefer klassy but ok

B: haha i c wut u did there

M: Anyway

B: Anyway…

M: you were the ballerina, yes?

B: Yep.

M: Just making sure I'm texting the right person. And not like, the cat.

B: ohhhh the one who got wasted and puked in her own onesie? Yeah. Not me.

M: ha!

B: I mean, we know each other.

M: right.

B: might be fun to pretend we don't tho?

M: that's what I was thinking. Great minds…

B: Ellipses are sexy. Truly.

M: ha!

B: nervous?

M: I mean…
I don't sext much

B: me too.
Me neither?
I learned that ballerinas say "merde" for good luck

M: "shit" en francais, haha

B: parlez-vous?

M: un peu

B: moi aussi
So…merde on the sexting, I guess?

M: merde

B: merde

M: I liked your costume btw.

B: why thank you
But also
You can do better than that

M: challenge accepted
Nice and tight on top. You've got a beautiful torso. Elegant.

B: that's lovely I've always felt self-conscious about being flat.
No boobs to speak of, that is

M: you shouldn't
Ok here I go
So at one point it got a little chilly at the party…

B: oh?

M: can I say your nipples are perfect

B: oh

M: I'd like to run my tongue over them
With your consent of course

B: oh you have my consent
But feel free to elaborate

M: small but…mighty?
No but seriously
Right then I started fantasizing about peeling down your leotard
Burying my face in those sweet little tits
Putting my mouth to work

B: while I rip out my hair tie
Shake it out like a librarian in a porno
I always wanted to do that

M: your wish is my command

B: I wish…for you to suck my tits

M: can I use my hands?

B: fuck yeah

M: I'll start with a light touch
Cupping both of your tits
Running my thumbs over your perked up nipples
one by one
They're so tight now

B: yesssss please sir

M: May I twist them?

B: only if you're not gentle

M: here I go
Index finger and thumb on your right

B: oh it hurts so good

M: again

B: ow

M: your face is so expressive

B: I'm enjoying this

M: I'm enjoying watching
You put on quite a show, prima ballerina.
I can hear the Tchaikovsky in the background as I soothe your aching tits with my tongue
Then my lips

B: anything I can do for you?

M: don't worry about it right now
My act is just getting started.
For my next trick

B: hey
you're not gonna make me disappear
are you?

M: haha no
But I am gonna make you come
without my cock
Which is rock solid rn btw

B: how you gonna do it

M: magic

B: my fave kind of magic

M: indeed
use my magic wand on your body
Unless you have your own magic wand you'd like me to use?

B: ooo yes I do
I could raise my legs in the air
Point my toes so pretty
Give you full access to my clit
And when I'm ready

M: yeah

B: hand you my toy
Which has made me cum so hard
Take care of it
as you take care of me

M: you got it
I love a magic wand

B: moi aussi

M: I start with the low speed
just vibrating slightly
Touch it to

B: my clit?

M: no
your hole

B: oh fuck yeah

M: teasing you
increase in speed and intensity

B: yes

M: then take it away

B: noooooooo goddammit

M: run the wand over your beautiful thighs
did I mention your tights are still on

B: what

M: the crotch soaking wet
B: fuuuuuuuu

M: still teasing your thighs
so delicate but muscled
all those barre exercises

B: you know ballet
but I can't wait any longer
I shove you off me

M: what

B: let me finish
Shove you off me just enough
To peel my tights down to my knees

M: oh god


M: yes ma'am

B: peel them down to my knees and lay back
Pull you on top of me
Thrust my tongue in your mouth
Put my hand over yours
Together we guide my fave toy directly to my clit bc I can't wait any longer

M: beautiful
I can smell your desire

B: it won't be long now
I'm half dressed
You still have all your clothes on
I rub your stiff cock
Three times

M: you're killing me
pls continue

B: just enough to tease
A promise
But me first.

M: I make the wand go full speed
Press it into your aching clit

B: that's all it takes

M: we kiss even harder

B: I arch my back as I explode
And vibrate all around you

M: so graceful
I'm so fucking hard watching you

B: lol
I walked right into that one huh

M: yeah

B: take a bow
You did good

M: yeah?

B: yeah
So good
and now that you're rock hard

M: yes

B: my turn
Curtain up...