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Everything to know about taking Sexy photos

Everything you need to know about taking sexy photos

Getting sexy pics from your Flame can be one of the biggest turn-ons ever! There’s a rush of blood, your heart rate increases, your breathing speeds up. It feels like your body is on fire. It’s fun and life-affirming knowing that “special someone” is thinking of you, wants to touch you, taste you, and wants to give you pleasure. Sending sexy pics can be just as exciting, even empowering as you assert your sexuality. But the truth is most of us aren’t that skilled when it comes to taking sexy sexting selfies. Here are some tips and tricks on how to send (and receive!!!) the flirtiest, most provocative sexting pics. 

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Ask for permission before you send a sexy pic 

There’s no downside to asking for permission before sending a graphic sext. In fact, asking can be an easy way to start a hot conversation. But when we don’t ask permission…well, we’ve all read the stories about people getting an unsolicited “dick pic.” If you’re into the “wood,” then getting a pic of one standing at attention can be exciting – but ONLY if you want a pic from that dick’s owner in that moment. So just ask. Examples of asking for permission can look like: “I’m getting really hot for you, want me to show you?” or “Can I send you a pic of my Cock-a-saurus Rex?” or “I just bought a lacy thong – wanna see it?” or “Can I share a sexy nude with you?” As you can see there are lots of options you can try and they can be fun!. Just remember to Respect the NO. If it’s not the right time, then keep those pics to yourself! 
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Agree on what will happen to the photos – and be safe!
Depending on the platform you’re using, you have more or less control over what happens to your photos. The Amorus app, for example, allows you to delete any photo you’ve sent, and it will delete on everyone’s device automatically. Of course, people can screenshot pics or take a photo with another device, so it’s important to discuss what you’d like to happen to those photos. Examples of that discussion might look like, “Delete these pics immediately – I want to run for political office someday!” or “These pics are yours to keep but not to share!” or it can be as simple as: “Can we agree that we will never share anything we exchange without each other's permission?” 

To protect your personal safety, you may not want to share nude photos, or nudes that include your face or identify you by a tattoo or other feature. Remember that an image contains metadata (like location coordinates!), so make sure location data is turned off for your images (or use a messaging platform that removes location data from images.)
Before you take the photos, get yourself in the mood 
Find that sexting photo inspiration. Put on some music that makes you feel sexy or reminds you of your Flame. What are your aphrodisiacs? Have a bite of chocolate or your favorite drink. If you’re relaxed and feeling good, you’ll take the best sexting pics. Also, don’t forget to clean up your space. Clutter is distracting.
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Start slow and build desire! 
Sexting can be like performing a striptease – the audience knows that the dancer’s clothes will eventually come off. It’s the anticipation of flesh that makes it so powerful, not simply the nakedness. Consider taking a series of photos that start casual and progress to VA-VA-VA-VOOM! Some sexting photo ideas are:


  • Start with a photo of your ankle and move up your body
  • Take a pic under the covers and have the blankets slowly slip away
  • Take ultra-closeups of body parts that your Flame has to identify
  • Take photos shopping for a sex toy, then going home, unboxing, and…
  • Start with a photo of a razor and shave cream, then show a series of photos shaving an intimate area

You don’t always have to send photos of yourself. If you find sexy photos from the web that turn you on, send those too. Or start with those to set the mood. Maybe there’s a pic of two people engaged in something sexy you’d like to try. There’s no reason not to share and it’s fun to mix things up! 

Technical tips for taking sexy photos 

Snapping selfies on our phones has become second nature to us. But there are a few simple things you can do to improve the quality of those pics. 


Lighting is important for taking a flattering pic. Natural light, say light streaming in through a window or the sunlight in your private back yard, will be the most complimentary. If you’re shooting at night, candlelight can create a warm, red-orange glow and can create a very sensual scene. No natural light? Ring lights (like the kind used for Zoom calls) produce soft, direct light and help to minimize shadows. Avoid harsh, fluorescent lighting or overhead lighting that casts shadows.  
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Find the best way to frame the photo before you share the pic. Practice taking photos at different angles and distances. An extreme closeup of your face is rarely flattering to anyone but extreme close up of body parts can be a great way to flirt. Be aware of your surroundings, is your dirty laundry in the frame? Are there any photos of friends or family you don't want seen?  


Avoid cropping pics whenever possible. When you start cropping photos, body parts might start to look out of place or just strange. Getting the frame just right before you snap the pic goes a long way. 

Don’t go crazy with filters. Most people want to see photos of their Flame the way they look IRL. Some filters can make you look cartoonish or overdone, so it’s best to go filter-free.

Use your phone’s self-timer

Once you have the lighting just right and the shot perfectly framed, let your phone’s self-timer do the work. Never used it before? Open your camera and you’ll likely see an icon that looks like a clock at the top of the screen. Click it and it should give you a three or 10-second option. Time your breath so you can exhale just before the picture is taken, giving you that relaxed look. 

Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels


Spice it up with some sexy props you may have. Take a pic sucking on a popsicle, wrapping a rope around your bedpost, or laying out a flogger or handcuffs on a pillow. Get creative and have fun!

Tips for taking sexting nudes

Taking a nude selfie can be daunting but the key to a great nude is confidence. Everyone’s unique body is beautiful, if you believe so, you will glow! Get naked in front of a mirror and try different poses to find which ones look the most flattering. 

Nudes on a bed are super inviting and set the tone for what you both want to happen. Nudes in or after a shower are super sexy. Take advantage of that glorious steam! Love your ass? Bend over, push your butt out and snap a pic in the mirror. If you're wondering how to take good dick pics, here are some tips: do some manscaping, experiment with different camera angles and maybe frame the photo to include abs and hips. Just don’t forget to ask for consent.

If you’re including your face in the nude (which we don’t truly recommend), try different facial expressions from innocent to flirty, to “I’m gonna make you cum you so hard!”
The point of sharing sexy photos with your Flame is to build a connection. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, awkward or stressed, it might be best not to send nudes. You can also take a step back and think about which photos are most fun for you and take more of those. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll get and soon you’ll be getting the best nude sexts.  

Don’t forget you can request photos from your partner too. When you receive them, be sure to validate your partner with a text about how much you love the pic. That’s the secret to getting more!