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Hot Weekend Plans - Sexting story

Weekend Plans: A Story in Texts
By Lauren Emily

A pair of long-distance lovers make best-laid plans.

Him: miss u

Her: yeah?

Him: ohhhh yeah 😈

Her: tell me more tell me more

Him: you’ve been watching Grease again haven’t you?

Her: I love a problematic fave


I miss you too

So much! 😫

Him: can’t wait for this weekend!

Just us

It’s going to be HOT!

Her: a hotel room

That I don’t plan on leaving

do you?

Him: fuck no

Her: good

This long distance crap is for birds. The ones who screech and shit a lot. Lol 

Him: mmhmm

I’m glad it’s not forever

Her: yeah, you’re right.

Until then… hotel rooms ? 😈

Him: can we talk about…y’know

Her: THE weekend plans?

Him: sure

Her: you go first

Him: in my head u get there first

Check in and everything

And you’re waiting for me

Her: naked?

Him: not quite

Her: listening…

Him: you have on that short sexy black dress I love. The one that makes you look like a sexy cabaret singer.

Her: I can do that

Him: but no panties

Just on the bed waiting for me

Not touching yourself until I get there

Her: how dare you

Depriving me from rubbing my clit

Laying back and staring at the ceiling

While I slide in one finger

Then two

And slowly start to thrust

Him: fuck

Her: I made you hard just now didn’t I?

oh god I’m sorry are you at work rn?

Him: no thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster im not

I love watching you touch yourself

All weekend I’ll watch you as much as you’ll let me

But the first time…can I be the one?

Her: hmmmm

I’m fucking with you

Of course you can!


Her: so

short dress no panties

Lying on the bed… no touching

craving you

What next?

Him: hummm….

I unlock the door and step into the room

You’re there

wide open just for me

your scent in the air, apple blossoms and sex!

Her: mmm

Get on your knees, baby.

Him: gladly

Can we take it slow later?

This first time I just want to dive in, eat you out and make you come!

Her: go for it...

Eat me out! 🤩

Him: oh you taste so good



you’re such a dirty girl and I need to clean you up

Her: oh yes

Lick me

more please

I thread my fingers through your soft hair and pull you in further

oops can you breathe?

Him: if this is the way I go, so be it! Jeje 

Her: fyi this first time...

It’s not going to take long for me

your tongue is going to feel so good between my legs

Him: just let go whenever you want. I’m here to please you

your taste is beautiful

the little screams you emit

also beautiful

Her: I’m close

suck my clit

Him: gladly!

be as loud as you want

it’s just you and me

Her: oh


I can feel every inch of your face between my legs

I’m doing it

Letting go!

Screaming your name over and over and over

Thrusting in your face until the last tremors have passed

And then…You smile up at me

Him: I love you

Her: I love you too

So much

especially when you suck my clit

Him: ha

Her: Sounds like we’ve got a plan!